Why Ascension Saint Thomas

At Ascension Saint Thomas, our vision for our Nurse Residency program is to provide a pathway for career development and growth, supporting nurses as individuals as well as members of our healing community resulting in quality, safe care for those we serve.

We believe that Ascension Saint Thomas is a destination workplace, and here are a few reasons why you should consider joining our team:

“My preceptor is amazing. I love how often I see my liaison and all the classes are helpful.”

“Everyone on the floor and in the hospital as a whole has been so welcoming and helpful, it definitely calmed my nerves.”

“I am exactly where I feel called to be. I feel supported by my team.”

“My employment with Ascension Saint Thomas has been all I expected and so much more! I am highly respected as a new nurse and free to express my beliefs.”

“It’s exceeded my expectation. I love the community within the staff. Nothing like what I’ve experienced at other hospitals and facilities.”

“Adjusting to a new role is always stressful, but all the staff has been so supportive and I can ask a billion questions without judgment.”

“The gradual introduction to the unit and having my preceptor available was exactly what I wanted as a new grad nurse.”

“I have learned a lot and my preceptor has created an environment to where I learn and feel comfortable asking questions.”

“I am so grateful for this experience. I was very nervous coming into this process. My preceptor has been a wealth of knowledge and has built my confidence. All nurses on my unit were helpful and took the time to impart information to me.”

“I have been so impressed with the program. My liaison visits me almost every day on the unit and my preceptor teaches me so much.”

“This program is challenging, physically, emotionally and spiritually…but without it, I wouldn’t be the nurse I am today.”

“My friends were hesitant to apply to Ascension Saint Thomas. I remember them saying things like “but I’m not Catholic,” and “I don’t go to church.” You quickly learn that those are not the requirements to being an associate of Ascension Saint Thomas. The entire staff, no matter what area of the hospital you are in, are so compassionate. They are friendly, inviting, patient, and accepting. They do not judge you. They are your support.”

“The passion to serve and love well is evident among my team. Through change and innovation, keeping our patients and care teams best interest at heart remains.”

“I applied for the Ascension Saint Thomas Nurse Residency program because of the accolades and accomplishments of the program and the hospital system. I accepted the position because of the feelings of true teamwork, faith, and service. I'm originally from the Midwest and moving away from family and familiarity was difficult. After only being on the floor for one week, I knew I made the right choice.”

“If you are just looking for a "first job," this program isn't for you. If you are wanting a program and allows you to feel supported as you bridge the gap between nursing school and working on your own, you should apply.”

“I chose Ascension Saint Thomas because of my own experiences here. The staff were amazing, from the nurses to the cafeteria staff to the registrars. Once I became an Extern, I realized I had made the right decision. It is important to me that I am able to express my faith, especially in high-stress situations, and I have found that here.”