Nursing is more than a career.

It's a calling.

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At Ascension Saint Thomas, we're here to help you – a qualified, compassionate caregiver – become the best nurse you can be in a job that you love. Our Nurse Residency Program's mentorship, career planning and skills seminars in a cohort experience will launch your nursing career with confidence.


We combine faith and science to care for all persons, with special attention to those most vulnerable. As part of Ascension, the nation's largest non-profit health system, the Ascension Saint Thomas Nurse Residency Program prepares you to start your lifelong career at a place where you can live your calling. Apply for a job today to start your journey at Ascension Saint Thomas!

“I picked Ascension Saint Thomas because I really wanted to work for a non-profit health system that values helping people and I love the Mission.”

– Jean, RN

“When I started, I said I wanted to be a charge nurse in two years and work for the residency program in five years. In three years, I’ve done it all.”

– Shaya, BSN, Nurse Residency Program Coordinator/Liaison

“As a liaison, the most rewarding growth I witness is how feelings of hesitancy transform into confidence among our residents.”

– Brittney, MSN, RN, Nurse Residency Program Coordinator/ Liaison

“You learn more in your first year in the hospital than in your entire schooling experience. You learn to adapt and overcome challenges from the moment you step on the floor at Ascension Saint Thomas.”

– Brett, BSN

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